Before the production the shoe designer works in the product design. He sets the style of the wood last, he wears it with adhesive tape and he draws on it, then he removes it from the last and he sticks on the board getting the base from which he will develop the model and its individual components.


After leather and lining have been cut, they are brought to the closing department where our skilled workers sew with high precision component pieces of men’s shoe to create upper of our classic shoe models. Afterwards upper is pulled over the last to adopt the shape of the last.


Footwear research and design are the first stages of production men’s shoes.
The creativity of designers and skillfulness of our artisans are essential for choosing leather skins and hides that must be genuine, first- class quality and supplied by the best Italian tanneries. Shoes are a work of art that will represent the Italian artisan excellence in the word.


Basing on the work of stylists and designers, Italian highly skilled artisans start making handcrafted high quality shoes. By using patterns of the collection, the clickers start to cut leather and lining. Each pair of men’s shoes is made up by numerous component pieces. Around 40-50 pieces of genuine leather are needed for some models of men’s shoes. The quality of leather and lining is essential for making first- class men’s shoes. In order to guarantee the highest quality, cutting is made manually, being one of our distinctive features, by highly skilled artisans.


Many steps require finesse and precision. Outsoles are enriched, completed and associated with various components. More than just stiching: perforating, attaching, lining up non-linear items. Concentration and focus on the end-result are key, every last detail is rigourously handled. For a perfect result.


The leather, expertly carved starts taking shape. Stretched and fixed to the sole, it is now ready to stiching.


Lengthy and painstaking steps of finishing are in the expert hands of craftsmen. Burring of the sole’s edges, smoothing the heels and angles; a watchful eye and the experiences sensations of the hands percolate into a refined finish.


Not just a dye. Strokes, brushes, sponges and buffing: manual handling that creat astonishing chromatic variations. Shiny, vintaged, canvas painted or dappled – boundless limits to creativity for contextual and seasonal applications.
Heat-based treatments then stabilse pigmentation and seal the unique results

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